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Celine Coustaut

Co-founder, Marketing & Operations


With a strong background and experience in Marketing and Corporate Communications, Celine Coustaut started The IT Press Tour in June 2010, realizing what she found out on the market during the last decade. In a nutshell, US based IT Companies need more press coverage in EMEA especially recent vendors and EMEA press wishes to meet emerging players and hot technology actors.

In parallel, she participated in the creation and launch of Cloudwatt, the leading french cloud service provider, and currently delivers her marketing expertise to the company communication marketing effort.

Celine started Condor Consulting Group in 2009 to support The IT Press Tour project. Before, Celine spent some time at Credit Agricole, Neolane, Veritas Software and Compaq. During the Veritas period, she collaborated also with SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association) and worked for a French press agency early in her career.

Philippe Nicolas

Co-founder, Creator & Ambassador

Based now Paris, France, with significant presence in the US and especially in San Francisco, Philippe Nicolas observes the storage industry for almost 3 decades. Recognized for his market expertise, he belongs to the top 5 analysts in data management and storage. He is also the founder and lead analyst at Coldago Research delivering among other things unique analysis like the famous Map reports.


He’s often invited to deliver keynotes and provide advices to IT enterprises and investors and produces events such The IT Press Tour, The Innov Tour and others.


He has previously collaborated to the development of several companies at key moment in their growth, for instance at Scality, Brocade, Symantec, Veritas Software, SGI and Compaq.


He also drove the SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association) in France for almost 10 years and was board director 4 years at the European level. He’s the author of several reference tutorials for the SNIA and wrote frequently in Le Monde Informatique, StorageNewsletter and in his 2 famous dedicated blogs File Storage and Continuous Data Protection launched in 2005 with more than 3000 posts as of today. More recently he launched
The French Storage Podcast publishing an episode every Friday.


He’s reachable via his twitter handle @CDP_FST.

"We are excited to host the IT Press Tour again. In the past year, Docker and Kubernetes adoption in Europe has skyrocketed. Yet organizations still need the tooling to properly run containers in production effectively. We're excited to partner with this elite group of journalists to show their audiences the latest in securing, monitoring, and troubleshooting containers."

Loris Degioanni
former C
EO and founder

"We look forward to the unique opportunity to speak with so many of the leading voices from across Europe during the upcoming IT Press Tour about how Nyriad storage delivers exceptional performance, resilience, and efficiency, at a low total cost of ownership – providing the ideal solution for demanding workloads such as those found in media and entertainment, video surveillance, backup and recovery, high-performance computing (HPC), and active archiving."


Derek Dicker

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