Chris Mellor - The Register

Christophe Bardy - LeMagIT (TechTarget France)

One of the reasons that explains the success of the IT Press Tour is the media representation and the coverage they generate. We're proud to have many of the best US and EMEA journalists representing leading American and European publications. When a reporter participates to the tour, he wishes to come back and never exchanges his seat, meaning the tour has become a privilege and an exclusive group.


Here is the list of almost all publications who have participated until now

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"Un type de voyage rare qui permet de rencontrer des interlocuteurs de haut niveau et des entreprises d'avenir"

Bertrand Gare,
Editor in Chief, L'Informaticien

"The IT Press Tour has proven to be an invaluable program for driving awareness in the market by enabling companies to directly engage with a number of Europe’s leading IT journalists. Technology expertise is global and INFINIDAT is honored to be hosting the tour at our development facility in Israel and showcasing our highly disruptive storage platform, InfiniBox"

Randy Arseneau, CMO