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“As the cost of NAS infrastructure continues to soar, the time is now for data-centric organizations managing petabytes of machine-generated file and object data to leverage public cloud storage. We look forward to the opportunity of engaging with the experts that make up the IT Press Tour to discuss how protecting file and object data at scale has never been easier.”


Kiran Bhageshpur

"The pace of change for data-driven organizations is breathtaking. Digital transformation dominates boardrooms, and the cloud is taking over not only the management of more and more important applications and workloads but also the protection of all that valuable, sensitive data. Over our first decade, Actifio has helped thousands of customers get ahead of these trends with our multi-cloud copy data management software platform. The IT Press Tour has a much longer history of bringing innovators like Actifio into the room with the journalists that these IT customers depend on for fresh, accurate information to inform their decisions. We are really looking forward to updating these journalists and sharing our progress and our observations."

Brian Reagan

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