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“The data center market is under increasing pressure to meet growing consumer demands while accelerating performance and improving total cost of ownership. The new CXL standard is a game changer for an industry that hasn’t seen many changes. UnifabriX, a market leader in CXL Memory, is honored to host the IT Press Tour and present our Smart Memory Node™ product, the first CXL memory pool to showcase ground-breaking performance acceleration of the most demanding HPC (High-Performance Computing) workloads.”


Ronen Hyatt
CEO & co-founder


"Today and tomorrow's modern cloud workloads have outgrown traditional storage controller-based architectures. At the upcoming IT Press Tour, we are excited to share with leading tech journalists how our composable data infrastructure eliminates storage controllers and dramatically accelerates the performance, scalability, and resilience of modern cloud workloads. As the cloud landscape continues to evolve, we are eager to engage in insightful discussions with industry thought leaders on the challenges and opportunities of providing customers with faster and more effortless access to larger amounts of data." 

Amir Faintuch

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