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With 51 IT Press Tour editions, the press group have met 289 different companies for 503 sessions.

“We are delighted to host the IT Press Tour again this year. The tour represents an opportunity for us to engage with the most influential journalists and analysts in the space at a particularly important time. The pace of change for enterprise technology continues to accelerate - driven by performance requirements, Kubernetes and other cloud native influences. As data grows, so do the requirements on how the enterprise stores, accesses and analyzes that data. We look forward to sharing the story of our remarkable growth since we last engaged with the tour - now with more than 280M Docker pulls of the software, 19K GitHub stars and 6K members of our Slack community - making us the fastest growing object storage system in the world.”

Anand Babu Periasamy
CEO & Co-founder

"Highly recommended. This was a great way to go beyond the press release and interact to get a real dialog and understanding between the company and press"

George Teixeira,
President and former CEO, Co-founder, DataCore

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