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Concept and Format


A group of famous US and European journalists travels to California, Colorado or other US places - we did 6 editions in Israel - for 1 week to meet  approximately 10 companies often at their HQ. We also launched European editions with a different format. Sessions last maximum 2 hours with interactive presentation, (video) interview, lab. visit, user testimonial and demo. These sessions could be seen finally as very efficient, straightforward, exclusive and dedicated on-site press conferences. Optionally, the company can book a dinner with the group.

3 categories exist based on the status and profile of the company: startup, private or public/large funding.

Based on these visits and sessions, the press group publishes content such as articles on online or print magazines, videos, blogs and produce tons of tweets during and after the meeting.

Topics and Results


Several subjects are covered during a tour covering the technology innovation and its impact on business, IT, economy and green philosophy in the Enterprise. Started with IT Infrastructure, topics are now divided in 4 categories: Business and IT Applications, IT Infrastructure, Data Management and Storage, Cyber Security and Resilience and Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data edition.

The IT Press Tour has generated more than 24k media coverages in total following the recent 56th edition. It could be online or print articles, blog posts or video interviews.

Each company can expect a large number of press articles strongly supported by the statistics based on 56 editions organized so far. Each company can follow press coverage with its own private dashboard to access all articles, blog posts, content from print magazines and videos. 

"Modern AI, machine learning, and high velocity analytics workloads are becoming more prevalent in the enterprise, but they require a modern file system that can deliver data to the data-hungry applications where and when they need it. We have seen quick customer adoption for our flagship product, Matrix, that delivers HPC-class storage with cloud scale economics for these use cases, and thus opened two offices in EMEA earlier this year to satisfy customer demand. We are excited to be included in the IT Press Tour, it is the best way for our leadership team to reach a strong group of storage professionals and influencers in one place."

Liran Zvibel
Co-founder and CEO

"As organizations consider how they utilize the cloud for backup and archive, a hybrid strategy is emerging as the most cost-effective, secure, and efficient solution. This is Spectra’s 2nd IT Press Tour, and we’re excited to share our unique approach to delivering digital archiving as well as on-prem Glacier storage. By creating a secure and affordable on-prem storage infrastructure, compatible with Standard S3 and Amazon S3 Glacier, users can easily accomplish the promise of hybrid storage."  

Nathan Thompson
nd Founder
Spectra Logic

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