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Ignition soon for the 53rd Edition of The IT Press Tour in California

9 innovators* participate to this edition dedicated to around IT Infrastructure, Cloud, Networking, Data Management and Storage: AirMettle, Cerabyte, CloudFabrix, Graid Technology, Groq, Hammerspace, HYCU, Rimage and


Paris, France - January 10, 2024 - The IT Press Tour, a leading media event launched in June 2010, today announced participating companies* for the 53rd edition organized the week of the 22nd of January in California. This edition will be dedicated to IT Infrastructure, Cloud, Networking, Data Management and Storage, and will be the right moment to meet and visit nine innovative companies: AirMettle, Cerabyte, CloudFabrix, Graid Technology, Groq, Hammerspace, HYCU, Rimage and

"We just finished the Madrid edition and 2024 just started and we're back on track with lots of things on our plate. In a few days, we'll be again in San Francisco and the bay area for the 53rd edition of The IT Press Tour to meet and visit innovators, new companies and established ones. Yes, you read correctly, 53, and we delivered already 52 tours and beat records with 293 companies, 509 sessions, more than 1000 CxOs and 23,000+ articles globally", said Philippe Nicolas, creator of The IT Press Tour.

With quotes from some participating companies:

  • Donpaul Stephens, CEO and Founder, AirMettle
    "AirMettle is excited to discuss Big Data Analytics opportunities and challenges with this distinguished group of international journalists in the upcoming IT Press Tour. Many organizations are grappling with the high cost, complexity, and latency of duplicating large portions of their stored big data in data warehouses or memory for analysis — and then determining most of that data is not relevant. AirMettle's Analytical Storage platform addresses these challenges by integrating cost-effective, scalable analytics in object storage. By enabling highly parallel processing within a distributed data lake, our platform can quickly and dramatically reduce data returned to the Analytics layer (classic SQL) far faster than clients could natively read the data, while reducing analytics costs and complexity. We look forward to sharing our solutions and plans for the year ahead."

  • Christian Pflaum, CEO, Cerabyte
    "We are proud to be part of The IT Press Tour, the premier platform to discuss with industry experts Cerabyte’s disruptive sustainable low-cost long-term data storage solutions. Ceramic-on-Glass media using laser-matrix writing and high-speed microscope reading technology is the foundation enabling the storage of vast amounts of cold data, that is kept for decades to centuries and rarely retrieved. Leveraging semiconductor tool R&D investment, Cerabyte is uniquely positioned, to deliver sustainable, accessible, and affordable EB-scale data center rack storage solutions required for the Yottabyte era."

  • Shailesh Manjrekar, CMO, CloudFabrix
    "2023 has been a year of innovation and hockey-stick growth for us here at CloudFabrix. We launched Industry's 1st Data Fabric for Observability, Macaw GenAI Assistant for Observability, AIOps and Composable Analytics, AI-driven Telco Service Assurance and our strategic partnership with Cisco Appdynamics as a launch partner for Cisco's Observability Platform. We are looking forward to sharing these updates and our 2024 outlook, with the Industry's best journalists at the 53rd IT Press Tour."

  • Leander Yu, President & CEO, Graid Technology
    "Graid Technology is excited to engage in our 2nd IT Press Tour! With the rapid proliferation of NVMe SSDs, the traditional methods of safeguarding customer data from drive failures and ensuring seamless business continuity need urgent attention. Customers deserve airtight data protection without sacrificing performance for their demanding applications. Our spotlight at the January 2024 IT Press Tour will be on new groundbreaking advancements in our award-winning SupremeRAID™ data protection platform, our amplified market coverage, and a reflection on our past accomplishments and future strategies. We're eagerly looking forward to the January session."

  • Molly Presley, SVP Global Marketing, Hammerspace
    "Organizations are urgently re-evaluating their data architectures as they assess their AI readiness. Hammerspace is enthusiastic for the opportunity to engage with the global thought leaders at The IT Press Tour to share the latest in both technologies, and best practices, to break down data silos and put data in motion to increase use of all data sets and improve IT efficiency."

  • Simon Taylor, CEO and Founder, HYCU
    "When we launched R-Cloud at a private screening with ITPT a year ago, we were overwhelmed by the feedback and positive response. It's in large part due to the tireless work of Philippe Nicolas and the attendees he draws to each and every ITPT. Their background, expertise, and long-standing in the industry make for an invaluable experience that cannot be replicated by anyone else. We are excited to participate in the 53rd Edition, our 10th, and look forward to sharing a number of new ways in which HYCU is protecting and recovering mission critical data. HYCU's innovative data protection approach spans across various locations and sources, ensuring data availability and security whether it's on-premises, in the cloud (public, private or hybrid), or the most extensive coverage of enterprise SaaS applications and services like Jira, Confluence, Salesforce, Okta, GitHub, Terraform, Trello, Asana, and"

  • Christopher Rence, CEO, Rimage
    "Organizations of all sizes continue to grapple with how to manage data in a way that is easy to use, scalable, and secure. We know that approximately 90% of data created within organizations is unstructured, which leads to wasted time, added storage expense, and increased business risk. We are thrilled to launch our AI-enabled digital asset management solution, SOPHIA, at this year's IT Press Tour. This simple, flexible, secure data management tool that can ingest any data type from any source is a critical component of every organization's data lifecycle management process."

About The IT Press Tour

The IT Press Tour (ITPT) has been created, organized, promoted, operated and produced since 2010 by Voxyter, a marketing services and consulting firm based in Paris, France. Since the inception, European and US journalists met worldwide high-tech companies to discuss various IT topics covering IT Infrastructure, Data Management, Storage, Business and IT Applications, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber and IT Security. For more information, please visit us at, email us at and follow us on twitter at @ITPressTour, the associated hashtag is #ITPT.



*Full list of sponsors since the first edition by alphabetical order: A10 Networks, Actifio (acquired by Google), Adaptiva, Aera Technology, Aerospike, AetherStore, AirMettle, Alation, Alteryx, Amberflo, Anaplan, AppDynamics (acquired by Cisco), Aptare (acquired by Veritas), Aqua Security, Arcitecta, Arista Networks, Arkeia (acquired by Western Digital), Atempo, Atlantis Computing (IP assets acquired by HiveIO), AtScale, AuriStor (formerly Your File System), Avere Systems (acquired by Microsoft), Axway, Ayehu (acquired by Resolve), Backblaze, Backupify (acquired by Datto, itself acquired by Kaseya), Bamboo Systems✝, Basho Technologies (acquired by Bet365), Big Switch Networks (acquired by Arista Networks), Biomemory Labs, Bitcasa (acquired by Intel), Blade Network Technologies (acquired by IBM), BMC, Bouquet.AI✝, Box, Branch Metrics (renamed Branch), C3DNA✝, Caringo (acquired by DataCore), Catalogic Software, CDNetworks, Cerabyte, Chartio (acquired by Atlassian), Cleondris, CloudByte (renamed MayaData, acquired by DataCore), CloudEndure (acquired by AWS), Cloudera, CloudFabrix, CloudGenix (acquired by Palo Alto Networks), Cloudian, CloudPhysics (acquired by HPE), Clustrix (acquired by MariaDB), Cohesity, Coho Data✝, Commerce.AI, Commvault, Compliance.AI, Copiun (acquired by Good Technology), Coraid, Coralogix, Corelight, CoreOS (acquired by Red Hat), Couchbase, Crate.IO, Croit, CTera Networks, Data Dynamics, DataCore, Datadog, DataGrail, Datameer, Datera (acquired by VMware), Datos IO (acquired by Rubrik), Datrium (acquired by VMware), DDN Storage, Deep Instinct, Delphix, Diablo Technologies (asset acquired by Rambus), Disk Archive, DriveScale (acquired by Twitter), Druva, E8 Storage (acquired by AWS), Egenera, Elastic (formerly Elasticsearch), Elastifile (acquired by Google), eMeter (acquired by Siemens), Emulex (acquired by Avago), Engine Yard, Equalum, EVault (formerly i365, then acquired by Carbonite itself acquired by OpenText), Exablox (acquired by StorageCraft, itself acquired by Arcserve), ExaGrid, F5 Networks, FalconStor, Filebase, FinOut, Firebase (acquired by Google), Fivetran, FlashGrid, FogCoin, FollowAnalytics (renamed Bryj), FoundationDB (acquired by Apple), Frame (acquired by Nutanix now owned by Dizzion), Fujifilm Recording Media, Fungible (acquired by Microsoft), Fusion-IO (acquired by SanDisk, itself acquired by WDC), Graid Technology, GridGain, Groq, Guardtime,, Hammerspace, Harness, Hazelcast, Hedvig (acquired by Commvault), High Cloud Security (acquired by HyTrust), Hightail (formerly YouSendIT, acquired by OpenText), Hortonworks (merged with Cloudera), HYCU, Igneous Systems (acquired by Rubrik), Iguazio (acquired by McKinsey), Illusive Networks (acquired by ProofPoint), Infinidat, Infinio (acquired by Ignitech), InfluxData, Inspeere, Insurgo, Iodyne, Isilon (acquired by EMC, itself acquired by Dell Technologies), iXsystems, Joyent (acquired by Samsung), Jut✝, Kaminario (morphed into Silk), Kalista, Kaseya, Kinetica, Komodor, Komprise, LakeFS, Librato (acquired by SolarWinds), Lightbits Labs, LINBIT, Liqid, LiveAction, LogicMonitor, Lookout Mobile Security, LucidLink, Mabl, Mangstor (morphed into Exten Technologies, acquired by OVHcloud), MapR Technologies (acquired by HPE), MarkLogic (acquired by Progress), MemoScale, Metadata.IO, Micron, MinIO, Model9 (acquired by BMC), MuleSoft (acquired by Salesforce), N-able, Nasuni, Nebulon, NEC, NetApp, Nexenta (acquired by DDN), NexGen Storage (acquired by Pivot3), Nexustorage, Nicira Networks (acquired by VMware), Nginx (acquired by F5 Networks), NGX Storage, Nimble Storage (acquired by HPE), Nimbus Data Systems, Nine Technology (acquired by Imation), Nodeum, NooBaa Storage (acquired by Red Hat, itself acquired by IBM), Nuage Networks (acquired by Nokia), Nuclia, NuoDB (formerly NimbusDB, acquired by Dassault Systèmes), Nyriad, ObjectiveFS, Observe, Odaseva, OmniSci (formerly MapD), Onepanel, Open vStorage✝, OpenIO (acquired by OVHcloud), OpenStack, Outpace.IO✝, Own (renamed from OwnBackup), Palo Alto Networks, Panasas, Panzura, Pavilion Data Systems✝, Pernix Data (acquired by Nutanix), PetaGene (for CunoFS), Petuum, Phala Data✝, Phison, Pica8, Platfora (acquired by Workday), Platform9,, Pliops, Plug and Play Tech Center, PoINT Software & Systems, Portworx (acquired by Pure Storage), Primary Data✝, Project Velero, Promethium, Proofpoint, ProphetStor, Protocol Labs, Publist, Pulumi, Pure Storage, Quantum, Qubole (acquired by Idera), Qumulo, RainStor (acquired by Teradata), RapidAPI, Redis Labs, Reduxio Systems (morphed into Ionir), Rimage, Riverbed, Robin.IO (acquired by RakutenSymphony), Rookout (acquired by Dynatrace), Rozo Systems (acquired by Hammerspace), RStor (acquired by PacketFabric), Rubrik, SambaNova, Sanbolic (acquired by Citrix, itself acquired and combined with Tibco to form Cloud Software Group), Scale Computing, ScaleFlux, Scality, SendBird, Sherbit (acquired by Medopad), ShieldIO, SimpliVity (acquired by HPE), SimplyBlock, SingleStore, SmartIOPS, Snowflake, SoftIron, SolidFire (acquired by NetApp), Solix Technologies,, Sonian (acquired by Barracuda Networks), Soonr (acquired by Autotask then merged with Datto, itself acquired by Kaseya), Spanning Cloud Apps (acquired by Kaseya), Spectra Logic, SpeeDB, SpringPath (acquired by Cisco), Starboard Storage Systems (acquired by SGI, itself acquired by HPE), Storadera,, StorCentric✝, StorONE, StorPool, StorSimple (acquired by Microsoft), StrongLink✝ (formerly StrongBox Data Solutions), Sumo Logic, Symform (acquired by Quantum), Symworld Cloud (formerly following Rakuten acquisition), Synata (acquired by Cisco), Sysdig, Tegile Systems (acquired by Western Digital and then by DDN), ThoughtSpot, ThousandEyes (acquired by Cisco), Tiger Technology, Tintri (acquired by DDN), Trifacta (acquired by Alteryx), Tuxera, TwinStrata (acquired by EMC, itself acquired by Dell Technologies), Ubeeko (now HFactory), UnifabriX, Valohai, Varonis, VAST Data, Veritas Technologies, Versity Software, Vexata (acquired by StorCentric), Violin Memory (acquired by StorCentric), Virsto (acquired by VMware), Virtana (formerly Virtual Instruments), VMware (acquired by Broadcom), Volumez, Waterline Data (acquired by Hitachi Vantara), (formerly, Weebit, WEKA, Western Digital, WhipTail (acquired by Cisco), XenData, Xirrus (acquired by Riverbed), Yellowfin, Yuzuy, Zadara Storage, Zerto (acquired by HPE), ZettaScale, Zoho, Zscaler and Zuora.

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